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    The eFit Online Interprofessional Toolkit > Courses for Individuals, their Families & Caregivers

    Welcome to the eFit online course series that provides simple overview courses on topics and conditions that can affect the older person.

    These overviews provide short interactive modules that provide information explaining how a condition may affect a person's quality of life and how tests and procedures work to provide health care professionals with the tools to maintain and/or improve the quality of life and health outcomes of the people in their care. 

    • eFit > Dementia

      photo of older man looking lost in a parkDementia affects many elderly people and their families and as our populations ages, the numbers of those in our population that suffer from it are increasing.

      It is a challenging disease to live with, care for and treat.  Part 1 of this course you will learn what Dementia is, how it progresses and why early recognition is important.

      Part 2 explains how to manage the care of the person with dementia as well as their caregivers and their level of stress. 

    • eFit > Nutrition

      Photo of woman eatingAs we age, good nutrition become vitally important to maintaining health and avoiding frailty. 

      Part 1 of this course explores why a healthy diet is important, how to avoid poor nutrition and dehydration and how to recognize signs of poor nutrition in the elderly. 

      Part 2 explores the types of foods that older people should include in their diet and those which they should avoid.